An Oasis of Peace and Tranquility

The Dorchester Mill Pond is located on Dorchester Creek, just metres away from the Thames River in the Village of Dorchester.


The pond, in a natural setting of white oak, white pine and maple, is tranquil and changes from season to season providing excellent subject matter for photographers. Visitors may wish to simply enjoy the view looking south from the dam which was reconstructed in 2005 or enjoy a quiet walk in the cool shade. The century old pond and dam provide a setting for quiet enjoyment.


The pond and surrounding area offers a diverse collection of flora and fauna. The trees, which include black cherry and white oak, offer a home to many different species of birds. Lower lying shrubs such as raspberry bushes and dogwoods support various mammals including cottontails, raccoons and white tail deer. The pond itself, which boasts beautiful yellow water lilies, is inhabited by waterfowl, turtles, bass and even some beaver - a rarity in southwestern Ontario.



Date TBD
April, 2020
Mill Pond and Thames River Clean Up


Meet at the Mill Pond Dam,



Come help up clean up the Mill Pond! Gloves and garbage bags will be provided. Register in the morning for a chance to win a Nova Craft canoe!


Contact - millpondruth@gmail.com

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